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Published Clinical Research

​Ceregain's main ingredient, Plasmalogen, is capturing the attention of research​ institutions all over the globe.

FUNCTIONS OF plasmalogen lipids

In this article, researchers from McGill University in Montreal and John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore explore the novel properties of Plasmalogens and their role in physiology. It highlights structural attributes while exploring the impacts of Plasmalogen deficiency.


This article from Mayo Foundation Clinic and Boston University School of Medicine highlights the role of Plasmalogens in nervous tissue and throughout important areas of the human body.


A team of researchers in Germany explore the ether lipid-deficient mouse. Highlighting the cellular functions, cell membrane formation, and intracellular homeostasis, this article focuses on the role of Plasmalogens.

A Breakthrough Product for ​Cognitive Function

Learn more about what makes Ceregain innovative

What is Plasmalogen?

Plasmalogen, the break-through molecule in our flagship product, has shown extraordinary potential to support and preserve cognitive function. Discover the groundbreaking, natural power of Plasmalogen today!

Best Source of Plasmalogen

Japanese Sea Squirt, also known as Japanese Pineapple, is the premiere source of Plasmalogen. Beyond having rich plasmalogen levels, Sea Squirt is packed with important minerals as well as EPA​ and DHA.

​Protecting Your ​Brain

A healthy lifestyle should include nutrition and supplements to support your ​brain as you age. Find out what evidence-based diets, supplements, vitamins, and lifestyle factors ​can help you protect and support the brain.