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CEREGAIN® is a ground-breaking product. It's natural to have questions. Learn more about CEREGAIN® by exploring these answers.

What is CEREGAIN®?

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Quality Products

CEREGAIN is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Japan. Situated near the revered Mount Fuji, our manufacturing facility is a cutting-edge, ultramodern production factory.

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What is Plasmalogen?

Plasmalogen, the break-through molecule in our flagship product, has shown extraordinary potential to support and preserve cognitive function. Discover the groundbreaking, natural power of Plasmalogen today!

Best Source of Plasmalogen

Sea Pineapplealso known as Japanese Sea Squirt, is the premiere source of Plasmalogen. Beyond having rich plasmalogen levels, Sea Pineapple provides a dietary source of EPA and DHA.

Protecting Your Brain

A healthy lifestyle should include nutrition and supplements to support your brain as you age. Find out what evidence-based diets, supplements, vitamins, and lifestyle factors can help you protect and support the brain.

Discover The Research

Plasmalogen is a game-changing molecule in the world of memory loss due to aging. Clinical studies have begun to show the immense potential and importance of this brain-protecting compound.

Aging can naturally decrease your Plasmalogen levels  in your blood serum and tissue by up to 40%.