Made in Japan

An Ongoing Commitment to Quality

Japanese research biologists are some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the world. The discovery and development of dietary Plasmalogen is a story that is years in the making. Our product is the culmination of that work. Made in a cutting-edge facility overlooking Mount Fuji, CEREGAIN is a groundbreaking brain health supplement.

High Quality Manufacturing and Production

Every production of CEREGAIN is rigorously tested for quality and consistency before getting shipped out.

A Partnership in Product Quality

Situated outside Mount Fuji in Japan, our manufacturing plant has an ideal source of fresh water for softgel Plasmalogen capsules.

To create a high quality brain health supplement, we combined the latest Plasmalogen extraction technologies with the best sources of Sea Pineapple. Our manufacturing quality is what makes CEREGAIN the best Plasmalogen supplement available.