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We have several opportunities to compensate your organization for bringing our exciting new product to your network. Whether you have a retail store, an online pharmacy, or you manage an online health blog, we have a program to incentivize you to introduce CEREGAIN to your customers!

Click on the options below to learn more. Choose your path, send a request, then become a new partner!

Sell CEREGAIN Resale

Include CEREGAIN on your shelves and introduce your customers to Plasmalogen. Whether you operate a retail store, assisted living facility, or healthcare facility, you can now stock CEREGAIN and sell it directly.

Sell on Consignment

To a retailer with uncertain demand, a consignment inventory reduces the risk of introducing a new product. With consignment, you avoid the inventory carrying costs while testing customer interest.

Sell on your E-Commerce store

Dropshipping CEREGAIN is now possible by connecting your E-Commerce website to our Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) system. We are looking for long-term partnerships with established online pharmacies and health stores.

Get a Promo Code

With a customize link and promo code, you will be able to introduce CEREGAIN to new customers and get 10% of any sales driven through your efforts.

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